How to do Beginner Poi Windmills By Drex

This beginner poi tutorial covers how to do windmills! Poi windmills are among the most versatile poi tricks for beginners because they introduce level changes to your spinning! If you're looking for a beginner poi tutorial for someone near the beginning of their journey, this poi windmills tutorial is probably up your alley!

Start off with your poi spinning in split time same direction forward in wheel plane with your hands near your ears. You're going to wait until the poi on your left side is swinging down past your chest and you will follow it all the way around to face the opposite direction.

Your poi should now be spinning reverse in split time same direction with your hands still up near your ears in wheel plane. Wait until the poi in your right hand points up toward the sky and have your entire body follow it around to the right. This should turn your entire body back to the forward direction.

It's worth noting that whenever you follow that lead poi, the following poi will automatically follow your body wherever you happen to turn to.Now that you've learned these 2 basic turns, count off 3 beats in the forward direction before turning to reverse, then 3 beats in the reverse direction before turning forward.

Do this until it feels relatively natural and then try doing 2 beats in each direction. Again, practice this until it feels comfortable and then try doing only 1 beat in each direction. This is a windmill! As you get more comfortable with the motion, try doing it with just your arms instead of turning your entire body.

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