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Quality handles are crucial to any LED poi set. They should be ergonomically easy to grip, so that you have full control while spinning or tossing your orb poi, and they should be durable, in case you lose control while spinning. Poor quality handles can make an amazing poi set very hard to control.

Non-LED UltraGrip handles have long been the go-to for beginner and intermediate level UltraPoi users. However, it’s now been usurped by an LED poi handle called the UltraKnob, and the UltraKnob Pro which we’ll be discussing in this article.

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UltraGrip handles come standard with most poi sets from UltraPoi. They are grippy, durable, and easy to use handles for any beginner to intermediate flow artists. However, those wanting to light up their handles and perform more advanced moves should consider upgrading to UltraKnobs.

The main difference between UltraGrip poi handles and UltraKnobs is that UltraKnob contains LED lights, whereas UltraGrips consist purely of silicone. Using UltraKnob LED handles provides you with additional pixels of lights to spin, to compliment your LED poi. As a result, you will produce double the number of light trails and achieve greater color variety. For advanced flow artists, LED poi handles may be required for specific moves like throws, tosses, and juggling but beginners will also enjoy many advantages.

Now that you can differentiate between the Silicone type UltraGrip and LED type UltraKnob, let's discuss the main difference between the standard UltraKnob and the UltraKnob Pro. The standard UltraKnob can be purchased on its own or with our LED Glow Stick Helix Poi sets and LED Sock Vortex Poi sets. This version of the UltraKnob is great for many types of poi artists that have Flow or Tech style of spinning that is not as aggressive. The Ultraknob Pro can also be purchased independently but it's also exclusively offered on our LED Contact Poi known as Orb Poi. This Pro version of the UltraKnob was designed to be extremely durable and standing up to the abuse of Contact Poi that involves throws, tosses and juggling.

To determine whether or not you should upgrade your non-LED UltraGrips to UltraKnob LED poi handles, let’s examine the customizability, durability, and ease of using UltraKnobs for Flow Arts.


The UltraKnob LEDs can be changed to 7 solid colors and 4 multi colors, giving you plenty of options to complement the colors of your poi. Considering that your poi’s colors can also be customized, you can imagine the myriad color combinations that are possible when using 2-3 poi with UltraKnobs. Each Color Mode has 3 different Flash Patterns to select from so you have plenty of ways to show off your LED handles. To take your color variety a step further, the UltraKnob Pro allows for an additional color mode called Demo that can automatically change the Modes and Patterns for an awesome light show!

As for battery life, there’s nothing to worry about with UltraKnobs. The standard UltraKnob runs on a single 2032 LI-ION rechargeable battery that can be replaced if it ever gets old, and it will last 5+ hours on solid white before gradually shifting to solid red. The UltraKnob Pro has an even larger capacity LI-ION battery pack with a longer life span that is permanently installed and has a 8+ hour runtime. Plus, they both re-charge quickly with micro USB, so you can top off the batteries in between performances if necessary.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve been spinning for years or for a day, your poi are going to be dropped or tossed into something hard. To account for this inevitability, UltraPoi designed protective casing for your LED poi. But what about your LED poi handles?

Your UltraKnobs will remain perfectly intact for any basic spins or tosses, in any weather conditions. They utilize a friction fit LED Insert that is installed into the bottom of the knob and works well for tech and flow styles. But if you intend on performing more advanced moves with your UltraKnobs, consider upgrading to UltraKnob Pro handles for even greater durability.

The UltraKnob Pro LED poi handles were made with contact spinners and poi jugglers in mind. They’re capable of withstanding intense G-Forces, thanks to their polycarbonate frame, which protects the LED Chip during aggressive throws and tricks. They also attach directly to the rope of the poi so they will never come loose during intense speed. And of course, the UltraKnob Pro maintains the same form factor and grippy texture as the regular UltraKnobs. It offers all the benefits of the regular UltraKnob, but with increased durability.

If you manage to damage your LED poi handles during an intense performance, you can utilize our warranty program and also buy replacement parts from UltraPoi.


LED poi handles, besides being easier to see in the dark than non-LED poi handles (especially for tosses), are easy to control. UltraPoi excels at designing intuitive controls for LED poi, and their LED poi handles are no different. In fact, they’re even easier to use than the poi.

An UltraKnob handle has one button to cycle through each of its 7 solid colors and 4 multi-color modes. Pushing the button once changes color mode, and holding the button down cycles through flash patterns. These controls are very similar for the UltraKnob Pro.

Attaching the UltraKnobs to your poi is easy too. The silicone shell of the LED poi handle has a hole on the top that you can insert your own UltraLeash, rope, cord or loop through so you can make an attachment. Once you have threaded your cord into the Knob you will need to either tie a knot or add a washer depending on what type of UltraKnob you are using.


You have a couple of options when buying LED poi handles. First, you can buy the UltraKnob or UltraKnob Pro independently to install on your existing LED, fire or practice poi. Second, you can buy LED inserts for your Helix or Vortex Poi UltraGrips, which turn them into standard UltraKnobs or you can buy the Dot XL Pro LED Chips to install into your Orb Poi knobs which turns them into UltraKnob Pros.

If you’re buying a new LED poi set from UltraPoi, you can upgrade its standard UltraGrips to LED UltraKnobs before checking out. To do this, select “LED Handle (UltraKnob)” from the “Handle Type” options, which is found beneath the name of the poi set you’re viewing. Then, just add the set to your cart. Once your new poi set arrives, it will have LED handles instead of the standard non-LED ones.

If you opt for the LED inserts, here’s how to apply them to your UltraGrip handles. Let’s start with the LED insert itself. On it, you should see a micro USB port. This is used for charging the LED insert, and it can only be accessed when the insert is separated from the silicone shell of the UltraGrip. Charging the LED poi handle for 30 minutes will grant you about 5-6 hours of use. Once your LED insert is charged, either press it into the silicone shell until you hear it click or attach it to the rope using the O-Ring for the pro model. That’s it.


Experienced flow artists will get the most out of using LED poi handles, but that shouldn’t deter beginners or intermediate users from giving them a try. LED poi handles, such as the UltraKnobs from UltraPoi, provide 2x the amount of light, and therefore 2x more diverse colors in your light trails. UltraKnobs are also highly customizable, durable, and easy to use, in addition to being equally grippy to their non-LED UltraGrip counterparts.

UltraGrips are great for getting into poi at an affordable cost. But if you want to take your Flow Art to the next level, UltraKnob LED poi handles are highly recommended. For extra durability and color options check out the UltraKnob Pro.