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It is essential to your success as a flow artist that you acquire the proper tools for your needs. Whether you’re casually performing in your backyard, recording yourself for social media, or attending festivals, you should consider how effective your current flow toys are at achieving the performance level you desire.

If you’re a beginner seeking to buy your first poi flow art prop, we encourage you to read this full article before making any decisions. Think about what style you’d like to perform and how the unique flow toys we recommend will help accomplish your goal. If you don’t find any flow art tools that appeal to you, check out our article on learning contact juggling or browse our full collection of poi sets.

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With so many flow art props to choose from, deciding which ones are best for you can be challenging. That’s why we’ll be discussing three distinct types of flow toys and how you can use them as a flow artist.


From LED hula hoops to spinning staffs and fans, UltraPoi has designed a variety of flow art toys of different shapes, sizes, and functionality. All of them are made from high-quality materials and emit vibrant colors, which can be customized in some models. Here are the best flow toys you can buy, and their most transformative accessories.


Hula hoops are lightweight and versatile flow art toys that can be accessorized for different styles. You may be familiar with them from your childhood, but art form has come a long way from just waist hooping. They’re a great tool for beginner flow artists to cut their teeth with, but can also be used for complex moves at higher skill levels.

To get started, we recommend trying the UltraHoop Shuffle. It’s an easy to use and powerful LED hula hoop capable of producing eye-catching light trails with zero set-up. This beginner flow toy only needs to be turned on before it auto-shuffles through its various color modes and flashing patterns. The only barrier for entry is your ability to hula hoop, a skill many of us developed at a young age. If you never hula hooped as a child, then you’ll have plenty of fun learning with the UltraHoop Shuffle!

For the best non-LED hula hoops, check out these sleek practice day hoops:

The most useful accessories for the LED UltraHoop Shuffle are rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. Regular batteries are wasteful and end up in the landfill, but rechargeables make it so much more convenient to use the LED Hoop, especially when you’re traveling. You can also add great customizations to your UltraHoop by choosing between HDPE and PolyPro Tubing. For the most durable choice we recommend HDPE but more experienced users prefer PolyPro for its snappy responsive feel. (be careful with PolyPro in cold weather though, it can become brittle) These tubing choices come in 3/4“, 11/16” and 5/16” sizes ordered from biggest to smallest depending on your preference. Additionally you can add a Counter Weight upgrade into your UltraHoop for the best balance as well as 3M Grip Tape or Sanding for superior grip. For something a little more exciting, there’s the Pele Fire Hoop Wick, which allows you to add real fire to your performance. Simply attach the accessory to your hoop and carefully light it. Of course, we recommend that you practice hula hooping before implementing fire into your show.


Bo Staff-type flow art props have a certain “wow” factor, perhaps due to the technically impressive spins and twirls performers can achieve, often resembling martial arts techniques. In any case, UltraPoi’s light up staffs make for an amazing light show.

The classically designed UltraLight Staff is a great flow toy to start with. Its design is simple and effective for performing numerous moves of different complexities. You can customize your staff with many options, for starters you get to choose how many lights per end you prefer from 1 to 3 quantity UltraLight Glow Sticks per end. Next you can choose the total length of your staff, this many times has to do with how tall you are, and traditionally you would want the length to end at the height of your chin. Lastly you can add weights to the ends of the staff for contact type spinning that will give the staff more inertia as it spins around. That's it! Once you turn it on, the LEDs automatically cycle through colors and strobe patterns, so you can begin creating beautiful, vibrant light trails right away.

Another option that offers a bit more pizazz is the Ultra Dragon Staff. This unique flow toy is best used for advanced spinners who already understand contact staff style flow. It has 4 quantity LED Glow Sticks that alternate colors and patterns housed inside clear tubes on either end of the staff for a huge light show. You can choose between a break down collapsible version for easy traveling and a non collapsible version if you're on a budget. Also you have the option to add batteries and chargers to your staff purchase so you will always have plenty of power for your light show. A little set-up is required, but the end result is more than worth it.

This next flow art toy is an absolute crowd pleaser. The Ultra Levitation Wand is similar to a traditional LED staff, except for one important distinction: The wand is tethered to a sting with a silicone handle (upgradable to an LED UltraKnob), allowing you to spin it without appearing to make physical contact. In other words, it appears as though you are levitating the wand. It’s an effect that causes people to do a double-take, which makes for super fun performances.

As for customization you can choose between 10 different shaft colors to personalize your wand to fit your unique style. Also you can decide whether you would like a short string for tricks closer to your body or a long string for a huge dynamic style that looks quite impressive. No matter what you choose the Ultra Levitation wand is going to be one of your new favorites.


The UltraFan is one of the most unique flow toys available. Unlike hula hoops and staffs, a pair of fans can be controlled independently of one another, since they aren’t connected. This provides fan performers greater freedom in how they use both of their arms. One of the most unique features of the UltraFans is that you can upgrade your purchase with a set of Kevlar Fire wicks that instantly turn your LED Fan into a Fire Fan Set. This modular feature allows you to easily switch back and forth between fire and LED for an awesome 2 in 1 Fan prop.

No matter which flow art toys you choose, you’ll be happy with the quality provided by UltraPoi. That said, you’ll undoubtedly get the most out of your tool set by choosing one that suits your specific performance needs.


Between UltraPoi’s LED hula hoops, staffs, wands, and fans, you’ve hopefully found at least one flow prop to enhance your performance abilities. If not, we recommend browsing UltraPoi’s LED poi balls, or their complete collection of flow toys.

Choosing the right flow prop for your performance needs is important, especially for beginners. Beginners need to master the fundamentals of flow arts before progressing to more advanced techniques. However, if a beginner practices with tools that aren’t designed for the moves they wish to perform, they will struggle to progress. You can’t expect to spin poi at an advanced level because you mastered the fundamentals of hula hooping.

The best flow toys will inspire your creativity, not limit it. Finding your flow is key to creating beautiful, exciting, and memorable performances. When choosing a Prop for the flow you’d like to practice, consider how it will help you progress as an artist, and remember to have fun!