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Our LED poi sets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights that will fit a variety of flow artists no matter what the skill level. In this article, we’ll be covering the features of our LED poi sets, the three kinds of orb poi offered by UltraPoi, and their most useful upgrades. By the end, you should have enough information to decide which of our glow poi balls, sticks, or helix sets is right for you!




Each LED poi set from UltraPoi utilizes 15 shades of color, 6 color modes, and 12 strobing patterns that you can switch between to create custom light trails. The Helix Poi and Vortex Poi have even more customizable color options, since their LEDs are separated and controllable independently from each other.


The Helix, Orb, and Vortex LED poi sets already include a broad swath of features for beginner and intermediate flow artists. However, advanced users may want to upgrade their poi sets for more serious performances that involve complex moves. We’ll discuss the best upgrades for them later in the article.


Considering you’ll be swinging your poi around at high speeds, you’re bound to drop your poi or smack them into something. And with high-quality electronics, such as poi, accidents can be costly. That’s why UltraPoi has designed protective silicone cases for each of their Helix, Orb, and Vortex poi. These cases are durable, and still allow you to access the buttons on your poi to change color modes with ease.


UltraPoi offers three types of LED poi sets: The Helix Poi, Orb Poi, and the Vortex Poi. Each of these sets contain different shaped cases for the poi that create distinct light trails from one another. Each of the poi cases weigh differently too, and vary in size, which affects the performer’s spinning. In summary, there are unique qualities in each LED poi set that you should consider when deciding which one to buy.


The Helix Poi, also known as the LED Glow Stick Poi for its glow stick like shape, is an excellent option for flow artists of any skill level. Many people in the flow and rave community would call this style by other names such as glowstringing, glowsticking or stringer style. This glow poi stick is lightweight, but still durable, and its colors and strobing patterns are highly customizable.

  • Shape: Glow stick
  • Weight: Light
  • Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Best Feature: Most similar to a chemical glow stick style of spinning. The LEDs on either half of the glow stick poi can be controlled independently of one another, doubling the amount of color combinations you can create.
  • Best Upgrade: Create equal weighted LED nunchuck style handles (great for gunslinger ticks) by replacing the silicone knob handles with two extra Helix Cases to create Double Helix Poi.


The LED Contact Poi, also known as the Orb Poi, is the best option for beginners, since they are lightweight and require no setup. This glow poi ball is also a great option for advanced flow artists who want to unlock contact style tricks, or juggle more than two poi, since the Orb Poi’s spherical shape allows them to be tossed in the air and rolled across the body.

  • Shape: Spherical
  • Weight: Medium
  • Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Best Feature: They can be rolled across your arms and hands using contact moves. Also they can be controllably tangled across the leashes of other poi, allowing for amazing tech and smooth transitions between moves.
  • Best Upgrade: Adding Ultraknob Pro LED Handles is our favorite! Also the 3-poi set is an amazing upgrade for the Orb Poi set, since it’s perfect for juggling or practicing 3 poi style of poi spinning.


The Vortex Poi, or LED sock poi, can be transformed into two distinct shapes by placing the LED poi ball into either the Vortex Case and spun on the UltraLeash or the UltraSock for a massive light show. The Vortex Case makes this poi set about as heavy as kevlar fire poi, which is preferred by many intermediate and advanced spinners, but may not be the best starting poi for beginners.

  • Shape: Sock and Vortex
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Best Feature: The best light show of pretty much any LED Poi in the world. Also you essentially get two distinct poi set-ups for the price of one.
  • Best Upgrade: You’ll want extra rechargeable batteries and a decent charger, so you can perform without worrying about stopping and charging them

Regardless of which LED poi set you choose, the Helix Poi, Orb Poi, and Vortex Poi will each allow you to create amazing light shows. UltraPoi’s LED poi sets are known for their customizability, high-quality lighting and materials, and overall bang-for-your-buck value, and these are no exception.

Still, if you aren’t impressed with the base feature set of these three LED poi sets, or you’re a more advanced spinner with specific performance needs, you can upgrade the Helix, Orb, or Vortex Poi using the dropdowns on the product page before checkout.


If you’re a beginner, the standard LED poi sets will include everything you need to get started. However, as you become more comfortable with your flow and spinning, you may require upgrades for more advanced performances. Many beginners prefer to future-proof their poi sets early on by upgrading features they know will come in handy later.


Ultra Poi’s standard LED poi sets come with two poi by default. However, you can upgrade from the 2-poi set to a 3-poi set if you want to learn 3 Poi Style moves, such as juggling poi. Another reason to upgrade to three poi is to have a back-up in case one of your others gets damaged or runs out of battery. Or, if you want to introduce a couple of friends to Flow Art, you can buy two 3-poi sets and give two poi to each person. This will save you a little money, since buying two 3-poi sets is cheaper than buying three 2-poi sets.


The non-LED UltraGrip silicone handles are great for most spinning, but if you find that it's hard to see your handles in the dark while doing tosses then you are going to want to light them up. Also if your light trails aren’t quite as vibrant as you’d like, your best bet is to add more lights. This can help a spectator keep better track of your hands movements and add additional color elements to your light show theme. You can do this by upgrading your non-LED handles to LED UltraKnobs, or replacing the traditional handles with Helix Glow Stick Handles. With this upgrade, you will have easy to spot LED handles to catch as well as double the light trails to work with, and even more color options to customize.


Our LED poi are either rechrable or require AAA batteries to function depending on the model. As a means of saving yourself time, money, and headaches, we highly recommend using rechargeable batteries in your poi if they are not already rechargeable. If you don’t have any, UltraPoi will provide you with rechargeable batteries and a charger as an upgrade. And if you already own one or the other, you can upgrade to the batteries or the charger separately.

You can find all of these upgrades on the product pages of each LED poi set, beneath the set’s name and next to its picture. The upgrades are categorized as “Quantity of Poi”, “Handle Type”, and “Extras”. Clicking on any of these categories will open a dropdown menu listing every available upgrade. Once you’ve selected the upgrades you want, they will appear as the title of the dropdown menus, making it easy for you to review them before checking out.


The Helix, Orb, and Vortex LED poi sets offered by UltraPoi are each highly customizable, upgradable, and durable. They're an excellent entry point for beginners, but they also provide plenty of benefits to intermediate and advanced flow artists. Each LED poi set also comes with it’s own unique perks, so we recommend looking into each of them before making a purchase.

If you decide that our LED poi sets aren’t a good fit for your Flow Art needs, check out our other flow art toys.