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Rave light toys are fun and easy to use LED and glow gear for a variety of situations. In this article, we compare rave light toys to flow art toys, list the best rave light toys you can buy, and discuss how you can get started using rave light toys today.


Both rave light and flow art toys can be used to create engaging light shows, but they demand different levels of skill from users. They also differ in their purpose, so anyone interested in buying one or the other should read this section first. You will enjoy greater benefits by choosing the product that best suits your desired use cases.


Generally, rave light toys are simple to use or decorative items, whereas flow art toys are tools for skill play or performances. Of course, there’s some crossover. Certain LED rave toys or rave glow toys can be used for light shows and may be a gateway to flow arts. For example, a flow artist may consider incorporating portable light strips in their outfit while performing with LED poi to create a more vibrant light show.

Using rave light toys typically involves less commitment than using flow art toys, since rave light toys are designed to be worn or held casually. Flow toys, such as LED poi, are designed for high-energy, physically demanding performances. They require skill to use, and thus practice. Conversely, LED rave toys or rave glow toys can be enjoyed without much training. Place a flow ring on either arm, or a couple of LED glow sticks in your hands, and you’ll be emitting vibrant colors right away that can enhance your dance experience. Flow toys must be controlled with precision.

The purpose of rave light toys is to put on a light show casually, whereas the purpose of flow art toys is to create performance art. If you are interested in creating performance art, check out our collection of unique flow toys. If ease-of-use is your priority, read on. In the next section, we recommend the best LED rave toys and rave glow toys for accessorizing your attire and brightening your nights out.


The best LED rave lights are easy to use, versatile, and eye-catching. Here are the best rave light toys from UltraPoi.


When you think of a classic rave toy, everybody should remember the glow sticks of the 90s era of raving. Back then, ravers used single color chemical glow sticks that only lasted a few hours and then had to be thrown in the trash leading to an expensive and wasteful cycle. Nowadays we have multi color, battery operated, bright LED Glow Sticks that are much more powerful and versatile to their older counterparts.

If you're looking for a simple to use, but also a feature rich rechargeable LED glow stick, you should check out the Digi Glow Stick. They come equipped with a handy lanyard for wearing around your neck or spinning in the air and also have a s-hook type clip for convenient clipping to your belt or backpack.

But you may be searching for an even brighter option with more color modes and strobing patterns, you would probably be more interested in the UltraLight Glow Stick. The UltraLight is made out of more durable materials and can actually be used for poi when incorporating a few more parts, since it is featured in the Helix Poi Set. No matter which LED Glow Stick you use as a rave light toy, you and your friends will definitely get enjoyment from these fun and versatile lights.


Microlights are tiny, customizable LEDs designed to be placed anywhere you’d like, similar to UltraPoi’s portable light strips. Also similar to the portable light strips, the microlights are bright and durable.

You wouldn’t expect such a small LED lighting system to produce very many different colors, but UltraPoi’s Dropz Rev MicroLight shatters expectations. They produce up to 25 solid colors, each of which can be altered by 6 strobing patterns, all controlled from a single button. Most impressively, everything is housed within an inch to an inch and a half wide protective shell, so the form fact of microlights is tiny in spite of their wide array of options.

Packing so much power and customizability into an easy to use and versatile construction prompts many distinct uses. Here are a couple of our favorite ways to use microlights…

  • Using 10 microlights placed in gloves, insert one to each of your finger tips and turn your hands into LED rave toys known as gloving.
  • If you have a lanyard or necklace, bedazzle it with microlights or attach them to your zippers, backpacks, totems and many other places.


Portable light strips are thin, multi color LED-filled mesh strips that can be used to decorate your backpack, jacket, bike, tent, and anything else you want to attach them to. They’re extremely easy to set up, so the only limitation you’ll face while using portable light strips is your own creativity. UltraPoi offers two high-quality light strips of different lengths.

The UltraWire and UltraWire Mini LED lighting systems both provide users amazing value. Their LEDs emit bright, vibrant colors that can be changed by pressing just one button. They’re also made from materials which are durable and flexible, so these LED light strips can be safely set up anywhere. And you’ll have plenty of time to test UltraWire LED rave toys, thanks to their long battery life.

UltraPoi Originally developed the UltraWire portable battery operated lighting system for the Burning Man Festival as a way to light up your bike in the dark desert-like Playa setting. The LED wire had to be durable, bright, multi color, and battery operated to last several days in the harsh environment. Since its development, Burners from all over the world have used UltraWire to light up their bikes, costumes, art cars and campsites with this versatile LED system.

To view these excellent rave light toys for yourself, follow the links below to the respective products.


Flow rings are kinetic spinner toys that can be played with and worn on your arms for a really fun experience. It’s an active type dance or movement, similar to spinning poi, though not as intense. To get started, stick your arm through the center of the flow ring and raise or lower your elbow so that the rings gently glide across your arm. Let gravity do most of the work.

The Flow Ring - Kinetic Spinner Toy from UltraPoi comes in four colors: Gold, aqua, pink, and rainbow. It has a reflective, metal finish that shines brightly when lit by LEDs. And, its individual, interconnecting rings create an attractive pattern in motion. Flow rings require a bit more practice than most other rave light toys, but it won’t take you long to achieve elegant flow.

These four rave light toys are the easiest to use, most versatile, and most visually arresting you can buy. From glow sticks, to microlights, portable light strips and flow rings, you’ve hopefully gotten a few ideas for how you can enhance your festival / rave attire, and how you can better perform too. Now, let’s talk about getting started.


Newcomers to flow art or the rave scene are overwhelmed with choices for rave light toys. The best way to narrow down your options as a beginner is to decide what you want to do early on.

Do you want to decorate your gear, casually dance for yourself or perform for a crowd? Both? One of the best ways to decide is by thinking about what you have noticed your friends or other ravers doing at the events. Or by watching your social media channels for inspiration. Your interest could change once you commit to one rave toy, so remain open to other options. Often the best way to make up your mind is through experience, so try out many different rave toys to find your favorite type.

If you decide your goal is to decorate your existing gear, the Portable Light Strips, and Microlights will give you plenty of flexibility. For a more active experience, pick up some Flow Rings. If you’re more serious about performing, we recommend using  Glow Sticks or LED poi sets, but remember that they require a higher skill level to use, and thus more practice.

No matter how you get started with rave glow toys, it’s a fun learning process, even if it takes you two or three purchases to find the right gear for your goals. For more options, browse our full collection of flow toys, rave light toys, and LED poi.