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Ultra Levitation Wand

    • Includes: 1x 28-inch Levitation Wand w/ LED End Caps, 1x Wand String w/ Ergonomic Swivel Handle, 2x or 3x Dot XL Pro LED Chips, Mode Sheet, and Sticker (Fully assembled, no setup required

      • Wand is Made to Order and can take 10+ days to ship
    • UltraPoi is proud to present the Ultra Levitation Wand featuring the Rechargeable Dot XL Pro LED Chip.

      •This Ultra Levitation Wand has been tuned for the best balance of Length, Weight, and Thickness and is perfect for beginners or the seasoned Levi-Wanderer. The Wand allows you to easily use any of the colors of the rainbow as well as mind-blowing strobe patterns like dazzling meteor trails and mellow morphs!

      •With flow artists in mind, the UltraWand is weighted well for contact and tosses yet light enough to spin all day without getting tired.

      •Designed with LED End Caps that use the Dot XL Pro LED Chip that has built-in rechargeable batteries. To charge the light, you pull out the cap and plug in a Micro USB cable to the LED Chip.

      •You can choose whether you want FingerLoop Handle or if you want to upgrade your grip with UltraKnob Pro LED Insert for illumination in the palm of your hand.

      Construction of the Ultra Levitation Wand consists of Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Carbon Fiber Shaft. Your choice of Colored tapes, and wrapped in silicone. Then clear LED end caps are made of flexible 3D Print filaments that won’t hurt the user. This contact wand can come with a short string and an extra 20ft of string to make a long configuration if desired. Designed in collaboration with our great partners at Dark Monk.
    • Rechargeable Dot XL Pro LED ChipWill brightly illuminate the entire End Cap/Knob and run from 5-8 hours on a single charge from its Rechargeable LiPo Battery Pack (Included)

      Ultra Levitation Wand Specs: This UltraWand is 28 inches long, weighs 7-11 oz, 1cm in diameter.

      What’s in the package: 1x 28-inch Levitation Wand w/ LED End Caps, 1x Wand String w/ Ergonomic Swivel Handle, 2x or 3x Dot XL Pro LED Chips, Mode Sheet, and Sticker (Fully assembled, no setup required

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chelsea M.
Totally amazing

Great balance and beautiful to flow with for long string and contact work I love this piece

Saralin A.
A super duper awesome Light up Levitation Wand

What can I say, its awesome! The light up ends are very bright and look great while im flowing. They can pop right off so you can easily recharge them. Also the light up knob option looks amazing and adds that extra point of light for fun visuals. The whole setup is very well made and seems to be durable enough to take the abuse. Overall I am loving the UltraWand and highly recommend it! Happy Flowing!!!

David J.
Fun Glow Toy!

This has been a fun toy to light the night with.

Renee M.
Pleasantly surprised.

I am satisfied with the overall construction of the wand, 3d printed end caps are super durable, the LEDs are recessed into each end cap, which is nice, no worries of damage during a hard core contact flow sesh. The upgraded led knob leash is worth the small upgrade fee. The only part of this wand that I did not agree with was the string that is provided.....it snapped the first time I used it. I use kevlar kite string or thick nylon cord depending on if I'm long stringing or short string wanding. But I give it a 10.

Best Festival Glow Wand

I don't want to take a $300+ LED wand to a music festival and worry the whole time. This Ultrawand makes me feel so much better....it was affordable and is great quality. Now I can enjoy my flow during the show and not worry about losing a huge investment. What more can I say, buy this now!