UltraSocks w/ UltraGrip - White Non-Stretch Socks

UltraSocks White Non-Stretch Socks
(Sold per Set (2 Socks per Set)) 

UltraSock Details: UltraSocks are designed to be the spinning projection screens of the UltraPoi’s LEDs.  They are Custom made to fit the UltraPoi from a Non-Stretch white fabric that has reflective properties whichhelps to display the Modes and Colors.  This version of the UltraSock has a loop swivel with a pure silicone UltraGrip pre-installed and can be upgraded with the UltraKnob LED Insert. Inside the UltraSock covers there is a Velcro strap that keeps your UltraPoi’s LEDs orientated correctly while you spin. UltraSocks are approximately 18 inches in length, with about 3-4 more inches included using the UltraGrip loop swivel handles.

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