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UltraHoop Shuffle

    • Includes: 1 x UltraHoop LED Shuffle Hula Hoop, 2 x Rechargeable Battery, 1 x Battery Charger, 1 x UltraPoi Sticker

    • •Shuffle Modes include eye-catching brightness, slow rainbow fades, single colors and strobe patterns.

      •Hula hoop with lights has a simple and durable on/off mechanism with no tiny switches, partially collapsible for travel and storage.

      •Removable and rechargeable battery design with a smooth internal connection, so you can play all night!

      •UltraPoi’s durable no-rattle design is available in HDPE and PolyPro tubing and guaranteed with a 1 year quality warranty.

      The UltraHoop Shuffle is a Smart Processor Controlled LED Hula Hoop with endless color and pattern combinations. No tiny switches, no elaborate menus, just non-stop hooping fun! The vibrant color palettes and dynamic pattern modes are automatically generated so each dance with your LED light up hula hoop is both familiar and refreshing. Great for Beginners to Advanced, and Fun for all Levels.
    • Colors on AutoPilot: What really separates the UltraHoop from the pack is the ability to automatically change your light trail patterns with no button to keep a constant fresh light show

      Tubing sizes and options: Our hoops are measured by the OD (outer diameter of the hoop). Classic and Featherweight 20"-38" sizes are offered in HDPE of 5/8", 3/4" and in PolyPro 5/8", 3/4".

      Smart Micro Processor and LEDs: This LED light up hula hoop has up to 30 ultra bright RGB LEDs that are controlled by our custom CPU with beautiful built in Shuffle Modes.

      1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty:  The warranty does not include kinked or broken tube, water damage, heat damage, obvious abuse to the hoop or loss of product.

      UltraHoop Shuffle Battery Specs: 3/4″ LED hoops require AA size (14500) Li-ion batteries with 700 mAh capacity, 5/8″ Featherweight LED hoops require AAA size (10440) Li-ion batteries with 350 mAh capacity (Use Rechargeable 3.7v Batteries only)

      What’s in the package: 1 x UltraHoop Shuffle LED Hula Hoop, 2 x Rechargeable Battery, 1 x Battery Charger, 1 x UltraPoi Sticker


The UltraHoop Shuffle is an LED hula hoop, also known as a flow or glow hula hoop, that’s simple to use and highly upgradable. These qualities make the UltraHoop a great entry point for newcomers, and an affordable option for experienced flow artists.

In this article, we’ll be covering the benefits of LED hula hoops, the best upgrades for the UltraHoop Shuffle, and how to use the UltraHoop Shuffle. By the end of the article, you should have all the information you need to purchase one of UltraPoi’s light up hula hoops.

If you decide that LED hula hoops won’t suit your performance needs, we recommend browsing our full collection of poi balls and other flow art toys.

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Due to their circular form and multiple pixels of light, LED hula hoops are excellent tools for creating light show performances. They’re light-weight compared to other flow toys, like LED poi, and are more familiar to use as many people have tried a hula hoop as a child. The UltraHoop Shuffle does not have any tiny buttons, switches or complex menus, it only has a ON or OFF state for the LEDs, which automatically cycle through colors modes and strobe patterns, making it especially simple to control.

Newcomers to Flow Arts should find the UltraHoop Shuffle easy to grasp, although certain moves may require a basic familiarity with hula hooping. Still, beginners can achieve attractive light trails with the LED hula hoop right out of the box. Mastering those advanced hooping techniques, however, will take a lot longer, and experts will know how to augment their Flow by using multiple, different sized hoops to perform more complex spins.

Although using the UltraHoop as a beginner can be easy to get started due to basic familiarity with Hula Hoops, the skill ceiling can still be quite high if you learn advanced technical on body and off body hooping tricks. You could say this particular glow hoop is easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master, and if you’re pursuing mastery, you’ll want to consider some upgrades. By altering certain aspects of the UltraHoop Shuffle LED hula hoop, such as its size, the material it’s made from, and by adding a counter weight, you can fine tune your hoop(s) to meet your performance needs.


UltraHoops are available in lots of different sizes, materials, and finishes, giving you plenty of options to alter them for your specific performance needs. Choosing the right size, material, and finish for your LED hula hoops can enhance your ability to perform complex moves. The result is a customized Flow Art Prop that fits perfectly with Hoopers style and body type.

The standard UltraHoop Shuffle package from UltraPoi comes with 1x UltraHoop LED Shuffle Hula Hoop (36”, ⅝ HDPE, bare finish), 1x rechargeable battery, and 1x battery charger. This set is great for beginners who don’t need much to get started, but if you’re a more advanced hooper, you should consider the following upgrades.


The sizes of our UltraHoops range from 36” all the way down to 18” and include every number in between. The smaller hoops (18”-23”) are considered “mini”.

Here's a tip on choosing size, big hoops are easier to hoop with since they can spin more slowly around your body. And the opposite is true for smaller hoops since they need to be spun faster to keep them going. As a hooper advances in skill they will get more comfortable with smaller hoop sizes. Recommended size ranges: 36”-33” Beginner Sizes, 34”-31” Intermediate Sizes, 31”-26” Advanced Sizes.

There may be one size that appeals to you most for on body waist hooping type tricks, and a different size that you like for off body or juggling techniques. Depending on how you like to perform and how much space you have to work with you can decide what size hoop will fit you best. Once you’ve chosen the size for your UltraHoop for a specific style you can consider other creative options. For example, an advanced hooper might want to spin a particular hoop size around their waist and utilize a pair of mini hoops in their hands or around their arms. Get creative!


For the material of your UltraHoop, you can choose between high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PolyPro) plastic. HDPE flow hoops are more durable and rigid, whereas PolyPro hoops are more flexible and brittle. Some people prefer one material over the other, but beginners likely won’t notice much of a difference between using HDPE and PolyPro hoops. We recommend HDPE for beginners and PolyPro for advanced users. Also note that PolyPro can become brittle and crack in very cold temperatures so hoopers in cold climates should take note.

In addition to choosing the type of material, you can also choose the thickness of your UltraHoop to fit your style or hand size. We will list some of the pros and cons that come along with choosing thickness. The 5/8“ tubing may be smaller, lighter and more comfortable in your hand but it comes with a AAA size battery with less power capacity. The 3/4“ tubing is larger, heavier but comes with a AA size battery with twice the life span. One of our favorite sizes is the 11/16“ since it's in between the previous two sizes and is actually the most durable due to a thicker interior wall. Here are the sizes for both materials:

  • 5/8 HDPE
  • 3/4 HDPE
  • 5/8 PolyPro
  • 11/16 PolyPro
  • 3/4 PolyPro


Besides the standard bare finish of the UltraHoop, UltraPoi offers hoops with sanded finishes and 3m grip tape. Each finish differs in how easy they are to grip. The bare finish provides a neutral grip for various performance needs, while the sanded finish is more sleek, allowing it to easily slide through your hands. The 3m grip tape provides the firmest grip for precise spins, and flips. Your choice of finish won’t necessarily prevent you from achieving any common spins, but they can enhance your ability to perform specific moves. So, think about what moves you like to perform most and choose your hoop’s finish accordingly.


In the “Hoop Extras” tab beneath the product title, you’ll find both battery and counter weight upgrades for your LED hula hoop.

Each UltraHoop requires a 1x custom rechargeable 3.7 volt Li-ion type battery to power the electronics. This is a specific type of battery and normal energizer or duracell type batteries will not work. Please only use the batteries we sell on our site for your UltraHoop and also note that you should only insert 1 battery at time.

You can upgrade to multiple batteries which is great so you will always have a charged battery backup so you can continue hooping uninterrupted. Conveniently, the charger for said batteries is included with every UltraHoop set, so if even if you want to buy more rechargeable batteries separately, you’ll already have a charger for them.

Although the UltraHoop is very well balanced, you can additionally add a counter weight to your order which will be installed internally opposite the battery for more exact hoop balance. If you plan on doing any type of balancing tricks or off body type stalls, we recommend adding a counter weight to your UltraHoop.

In the Hoop Extras section you can choose to add a Counter Weight, 2x Batteries, 2x Batteries & Counter Weight or 3x Extra Batteries. We recommend getting the 2x Batteries & Counter Weight so that you will have great balance and plenty of power to keep hooping all night long.


Setting up and using the UltraHoop Shuffle LED hula hoop is simple, follow our guide below to get started.

Quick Start Guide:

  1. Remove the UltraHoop Shuffle from the packaging & peel off the tape holding the coil together.
  2. Remove the black hoop extension tube prior to using the hoop & save it for future travel, storage or shipping.
  3. Uncoil & lay the disconnected hoop on flat ground in a sunny place for 1-3 hours to let it regain shape.
  4. After resting, reconnect the hoop by pressing the metal snap button & inserting the connector into the opposite open end. Align the metal snap button with the locking slot, & push until it pops through the slot in locked position.
  5. Notice there are two holes for the metal snap button to be pushed into. The hole closest to the hoop opening is the OFF position & the hole closest to the battery is the ON position.
  6. When installing the battery, insert the with the negative (-) end first. Only use 1 battery in your hoop at a time.
  7. To disconnect the hoop, press down on the metal snap button at the connector to release the locking device & slide the two ends apart.
  8. The UltraHoop Shuffle has no buttons, simply connect the tubing into the ON position & the Hoop will automatically shuffle beautiful color modes every 60 seconds!


No matter your skill level, the UltraHoop Shuffle hula hoop is an amazing value for an LED Hoop starting at $119.95!

Many LED Hoops that can do smart color modes and strobe patterns like the UltraHoop can cost upwards of $300-$600 making this hoop a great choice for those on a budget. It may also be the right extra LED Hoop for you to take to a festival or to have doubles or triples for multi hoop tricks or juggling. It's bright, rechargeable, durable and lightweight which is perfect for many types of flow artist. We think you will love the UltraHoop Shuffle LED Smart Hoop.

For other glow hoops and flow toys, such as LED poi, check out our full collection here.


UltraHoop Product Video:

Customer Reviews

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Nina Starek
Awesome hoop

Bought this hoop on a whim one night & love it! It’s lightweight, easy to travel with & so fun to use! I get a lot of compliments. Love learning to use it for fun.

Nina Starek
Awesome hoop

Love this lightweight hoop! I’m just beginning & it’s perfect. Love the random patterns it shuffles through. Easy to use, and transport. Was a hit at Electric Forest!

Too light

Why am I the only one that thinks this? I’m a beginner to hooping but consider myself good at just the standard waist hula hooping, I have such a hard time keeping this hoop up. It’s too light and it makes tricks harder as a result.

I do love the LED lights and think the shuffle is fine. A remote one would be cool but the lights shuffling is not bad. I feel like if I had a remote for it, it would be difficult to change the lights while hopping anyway. I suppose people could just pick one light for their routine but I like how it just shuffles.


It ight

Kathleen P.
Love it!

Easy to assemble. Super bright and sturdy. Love the weight and feel to it.