UltraPoi - Professional LED Poi (Vortex Case not included)

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TheBrightest LED Poi in the World!!!
UltraPoi Professional LED Poi
(Sold Individually (1)) (You need 2 to spin poi or use this as a replacement or extra to your existing set)
 List Price$34.95 (Individual) (Vortex Case not included)
                    $69.90 (Pair)


UltraPoi: State of the Art LED Poi paired with extreme brightness and endless pattern combinations.  
UltraPoi Details: Ultra Poi is proud to introduce its newest Professional LED product, our self-titled UltraPoi! The UltraPoi feature super bright High Power LEDs, and beautiful exclusive Ultra Poi Modes.  All Modes have multiple Options, allowing you to control your Poi experience like never before.  They also feature a exclusive Custom Sequence function to build your own custom color combination without the use of a computer! Independently controlled Top and Bottom LEDs allow you to have High Power and Low Power spinning or use them both at the same time for layered Modes. Combine your favorite Colors, Modes, and Options to create a lightshow that is amazingly unique to you.                         
Mass: 115g with battery and silicone case | Diameter: 70mm

Batteries: Each UltraPoi requires only 2 AAA batteries (not included) and will run using the High Power (1 x 3 Watt RGB) LED for about 1.5-3 hours if using (NiMHs) high quality rechargeable or a standard Energizer/Duracell.  Using the Low Power (2 x 5mm RGB) LEDs will last up to 24 hours of use depending on mode selection.  Less run time will result from using low quality knock-off AAA batteries.

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