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HelixPoi w/ Non-LED Knob Handles

Description: Get the full-featured HelixPoi w/ Non-LED Knob Handles from UltraPoi, which includes RGB lights, protective cases, adjustable leashes, handles crafted from silicone, and a specialized bag for storage. Unmatched in terms of quality and affordability, these Poi offer plentiful stunning Color Modes and Flash Patterns that will mesmerize you.

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Customer Reviews

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Steve R.
Needs button locks!!

Own a set of the non pro version. You only get access to program 4 strobe/fade options but do get all the colors. I use them with helix poi on both ends of each tether. (Handles in the glowstringing world)

I find that when im doing wraps, im constantly changing the modes. This ruins my programs, and i have to stop and reset them to my selection!! Super frustrating it would be awesome if they had a switch that would lock the program selection/deactivate the buttons.

I feel like these were meant for glowstringers, but considerations aside from weight (still too heavy in comparison to glowsticks btw) accomidating how glow stringers spin has alot of growth opertunities.

Overall i really like the product but find that my speed is slower due to heft and i have to just be ok with random mode selection because my style of spining (lots of wraps and string manipulations) cause unintentional button presses.

Jonathan P.

I love the way they flow and they are smooth!!!

Taylor P.

I use these all the time and live them

Amanda W.
Love it!

I love all the beautiful color options and the silicone covers are great.

Jonathan Pena

It’s so great it’s unbelievable