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Vortex Poi

    • Includes: 2-3 x UltraPoi LED Balls, 2-3 x Vortex Cases, 2-3 x UltraSocks, 0-2 x UltraGrip Handles, 0-2 x UltraKnob LED Handles, 0-2 x Helix LED Handles, 1 x UltraLeash and 1 x Gear Bag (Fully assembled, no setup required)

    • •This Complete Vortex Poi Kit comes fully Assembled and includes a Carrying Bag!!!

      •Unique projection LED lights up Socks and Leash for a 2 in 1 Poi setup.

      •LED Light Up Socks feature Eye-Catching Brightness, Slow rainbow fades, Single colors, and Strobe patterns.

      •Soft Case Technology, Great for Beginners to Advanced, and Fun for all Levels.

      •UltraPoi’s Quality and Durability are Guaranteed with a Lifetime Warranty.

      UltraPoi’s Vortex Poi are the brightest, most advancedbutton-programmable LED Sock and Leashpoi you’ve ever spun. We teamed up with top poi spinners across the world to develop this beautiful, eye-catching LED poi set. We built the Vortex Poi with the everyday spinner in mind. Our quality-focused construction features a fully assembled but adjustable LED Sock Poi and Leash setup with ergonomic silicone knob handles for a stable grip, and 2 easy-to-click button style LED Glow Balls that are protected by a soft durable Case. The UltraKnob Rechargeable LED Handles or Helix LED Handles are a great addition for doing advanced tosses/catches and they look amazing paired with the rest of the Vortex Poi setup! High/Low power LEDs for all-night runtime to keep your poi going during festivals and travel. Plus, the ultra-powerful LEDs inside last longer and put out a consistently brighter light show than current competing poi products.
    • 2 Poi in 1: The Poi set includes both UIltraSocks and an UltraLeash so you can set up your poi in 2 different ways; it’s like having 2 sets of poi in 1!

      World’s First Knob Light up Handle:We created the only Micro USB Rechargeable LED Handle in the world and it’s amazing! The UltraKnob is Super Bright and Durable which will allow you to explore new moves and light shows.

      Bright Light GlowStick Handle:
      We created an awesome LED Handle made using the UltraLight Glowstick inside of the Helix Case. The Helix Handles is Super Bright and Durable which will allow you to explore new moves and light shows.

      Pick Your Own Colors:
      What really separates the Vortex Poi from the pack is the ability to fully customize your light trail patterns with just a button. Choose from 15 stunning colors.

      12 Mesmerizing Flashing Patterns:
      Combine as many colors as you want at a time and match them with one of our 12 gorgeous flashing pattern options.

      6 Beautiful Color Modes:
      Tons of stunning preset color modes available to explore and they can all be adjusted to add style to your spin.

      Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty:UltraPoi will exchange any defective Vortex Poi free of charge for as long as you own it. Lifetime Warranty does not cover general wear-and-tear or any misuse by the user including loss, theft, intentional breakage, or gross misuse of the product.

      Vortex Poi Specs:
      5" height x 3" diameter | 180g per poi head | Requires 2 Replaceable or Rechargeable AAA Battery per poi head (not included) | UltraKnob is 23g, 38 mm wide, 28 mm tall, 2032 battery cell (included) | UltraLight is 6" height x 1" diameter | 70g per poi handle | UltraLight Requires 1 Replaceable or Rechargeable AAA Battery (not included)

      What’s in the package:
      2-3 x UltraPoi LED Balls, 2-3 x Vortex Cases, 2-3 x UltraSocks, 0-2 x UltraGrip Handles, 0-2 x UltraKnob LED Handles, 0-2 x Helix LED Handles, 1 x UltraLeash and 1 x Gear Bag (Fully assembled, no setup required)


UltraPoi’s Vortex LED Poi provides users two distinct performance options for the price of one, along with the brightest LEDs in its price range. Plus, each half of the poi ball contains separate LEDs whose colors can be controlled independently from one another, just like UltraPoi’s Helix Poi. That means you can make one half of the vortex poi a different color from the other half, or even choose different strobing patterns.


The standard vortex poi set from UltraPoi comes with…

  • 2 UltraPoi LED balls
  • 2 Vortex Cases
  • 2 UltraSocks
  • 2 non-LED UltraGrip handles
  • 1 UltraLeash
  • 1 gear bag

It does not come standard with batteries or a charger, in case you already have them. But if you don’t have them, UltraPoi has included an upgraded vortex poi set that includes rechargeable batteries and a charger. We’ll discuss upgrades later in the article. First, let’s cover the various benefits of buying the vortex poi set, which includes UltraSocks that transform your vortex poi into LED sock poi.



The foundations of UltraPoi’s vortex poi set are the transparent LED balls, which can be placed inside the silicone Vortex Cases to form vortex poi. The vortex poi (LED ball with silicone casing) can then be placed inside a sock to form sock poi. These set-ups result in very distinct light shows, so the fact that they belong to the same LED poi set means that buyers receive two high-quality poi sets for the price of one.


The high-intensity LEDs found in UltraPoi’s vortex poi are the brightest you can buy at their price. These are essential for lighting the long end of the UltraSocks for LED sock poi performances. They’re also bright enough to create light trails in a wide variety of light conditions, so you don’t have to find a dark room or wait until night to use the sock poi or vortex poi thanks to their high-intensity LEDs.


The vortex poi are heavy, making them ideal for intermediate and advanced poi users who understand how to use the moment of their poi to effectively (and safely) create complex light trails. Beginners may struggle to achieve certain moves due to the vortex poi’s heavy weight, so we recommend newer flow artists practice with the LED orb contact poi or helix poi first.

Intermediate and advanced flow artists, especially those familiar with contact poi, will feel right at home performing stalls and other moves that benefit from heavier poi. Plus, some performers, no matter the level, simply prefer heavier poi. Remember, the best poi isn’t the one you buy, but the one you master.


On its own, the LED vortex poi and sock poi are highly customizable. However, there are even more options to customize them at checkout. Dedicated flow artists will want to consider the following upgrades…


If you don’t already own rechargeable AAA batteries and a charger for them, UltraPoi will provide them to you as an upgrade. Each vortex poi requires two AAA batteries, so UltraPoi offers an upgrade with four AAA rechargeable batteries and one charger with four battery bays. You can upgrade to the AAA rechargeable batteries, or to the four-bay charger separately or together. Simply click “Extras” and select an upgrade option from the drop-down menu.


An easy way to enhance your Flow Art is to upgrade your non-LED UltraGrip handles to customizable UltraKnobs or helix glow stick handles. The standard silicone UltraGrips are great for just about any kind of spinning, but if you want to take your performances to the next level, consider upgrading to handles with LEDs. By doing so, you’ll be doubling the number of light trails with each spin and creating an even richer color spectrum, since you’ll also have additional options for colors and color modes.


The Vortex Poi Set comes with two poi by default, but you can upgrade to a 3-poi set too. This can be great if you want to start learning how to juggle poi or work on your 3 Poi Style moves. Maybe you want an extra vortex poi or LED sock poi as a back-up in case one of your others is damaged or runs out of battery. Or maybe you want to give one to a friend to try. After all, it’s cheaper to buy two 3-poi sets than three 2-poi sets. You could introduce a couple of friends to Flow Art using the LED sock poi or vortex poi variations. Whatever the reason, the option is available for you to upgrade the 2-poi set to a 3-poi set.



Each LED ball in UltraPoi’s Vortex Poi Set requires two AAA batteries. You can order your set with four rechargeable AAA batteries and a 4-bay charging station.

Once the batteries are charged, you can insert them into the LED balls though the battery compartment, opposite the high-intensity LED and two control buttons. To open the battery compartment door, pinch its sides, and slide it off. Remove the plastic spacer inside the compartment before inserting the batteries, and place it overtop of the batteries after you’ve inserted them. Slide on the compartment door before using the LED balls.


To set up the vortex poi, stretch open the silicone Vortex Case and place the LED ball inside with the larger LED facing forward. The battery compartment should be facing the back of the case, and the two control buttons next to the large LED should be easily accessible (not covered by any part of the case).

Next, attach the UltraLeash to the vortex poi by running it through the loop at the back of the case. Slide the o-ring that comes with the set onto the leash and run the short end of the leash through it. Adjust the leash length to be about two inches from the ground when the poi are hanging at your sides. You can cut and burn the excess leash after you’ve adjusted it to your preferred length.


To set up the LED sock poi, first set up the vortex poi, then fit it inside the sock. Flip the sock inside out and find the velcro strap. This strap will run through the loop at the top of the vortex case. Once secure, the vortex poi can be inserted into the sock with the loop facing forward and the large LED facing away. Finally, attach your handles to the end of the sock and you’re ready to spin.


The LEDs in the vortex poi set allow for 15 distinct shades of color, 6 color modes, and 12 strobing patterns. They are controlled by two buttons on either side of the large, high-intensity LEDs on the vortex poi’s front side. One of the buttons controls said high-intensity LEDs, while the other controls the low-intensity LEDs on the battery compartment side. To change the colors of either LED, repeatedly press the buttons. To access sub modes within each color, hold the button down until the light begins to cycle through options. To turn the LEDs off, hold their respective buttons down for about two seconds and let go.


If you’re an intermediate or advanced flow artist with a preference for heavier poi, then you’ll love UltraPoi’s Vortex Poi set. Furthermore, if you’re seeking lots of bang for your buck, this poi set provides two distinct ways to spin for the price of one, as well as the brightest LEDs in its price range. It’s also highly upgradable and easy to use with basic instruction.

If you’re a beginner, or you prefer lighter poi, check out UltraPoi’s full collection of LED poi sets.

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Buy Vortex Poi Online
Buy Vortex Poi Online
Buy Vortex Poi Online
Buy Vortex Poi Online
Buy VortexPoi Online

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Amazing visuals but...

Dont get me wrong but the visuals and the brightness are out of this world. However... I'm having few issues since I got them a month ago.
1. They are not USB rechargeable, but I ordered rechargeable batteries and charger. The batterie compartment was extremely difficult to open and the batteries were very difficult to install.
2. I have fully charge the knobs when I got them. Used the very very few times in the past month and one is already dead, needs to be recharged already.
3. The ball inside the case moves which makes the power/mode buttons not aligned with the case and it makes them difficult to reach (especially when the are turned on, they are so blinding bright (this is the positive side).
3. As mentioned earlier, I only used them very very few times and one of the sock stitches has started to rip apart.
Overall, don't get me wrong, these have an out of this world amazing visuals. Great weight. They are very bright, even on a full sunny day!!!


Could not be happier with my order


Hands down the only poi I've bought because they are so mesmerizing

Chelsea M.
These are a jaw dropper

I definitely loved these poi . I will be creating a tutorial on how to use the handle and also the bases are beyond bright. So beautiful. Check out socal media flowhippie for tutorial.

super bright

Love how vibrant it is!!! Can't stop!