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UltraSocks - White Non-Stretch Socks

UltraSocks White Non-Stretch Socks
(Sold per Set (2 Socks per Set)) 

UltraSock Details: UltraSock poi socks are designed to be the spinning projection screens of the UltraPoi’s LEDs.  They are Custom made to fit the UltraPoi from a Non-Stretch white fabric that has reflective properties whichhelps to display the Modes and Colors.  The UltraSock features a looped end so that you may attach your favorite knob, handle or even Ultralight. Inside the UltraSock there is a Velcro strap that keeps your UltraPoi’s LEDs orientated correctly while you spin.  UltraSock LED sock poi are approximately 18 inches in length.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Cool Socks!

I received my new UltraSocks w/ UltraGrip - White Non-Stretch Socks and put them right to the test. I had a couple days to practice with them with my Podpoi inside for the led lights and they worked perfect. I have a pair of Pod Poi, but I took the sock poi to Calivibes reggae festival and had an amazing time spinning. I hadn't used sock poi before and was really happy with the length, the handles, and how they wrapped and unwrapped so easily. The glow effect from the LED was really nice and they were very visible at the festival. I was approached by a few people standing in line for beer who said they used the lights from my poi as a rally point for when they got separated LOL.

christopher l.
still best socks i know of

I have had all the versions of the ultra poi socks so far. I have a very rough, aggressive style with lots of wraps so while i feel they are less durable than before but do make the lights look amazing. They are still worth hands down across the board but these in general are some of the best mid tiers around if not overall. Ultra poi as a whole makes quality products

Tate L.
Great flow toys!

I really like them. They have a lot of weight which I have to get used to, but I love it!

Zack H.
Bright and Beautiful

These socks are perfect. No stretch, super bright, not too wide or narrow. Couldn't be happier.

Spencer G.
Love love love the bags

Love love love the bags and how bright they are