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UltraLeash - Soft Cord Leash System (Black)

UltraLeash - Soft Cord Leash System
(Sold per Pair (2)) Color: Jet Black

UltraLeash Details: The UltraLeash is an amazing system to use for spinning your UltraPoi, Ultralight LED glow stick, or both at the same time! This leash system comes with seamless single loop handles paired with high-quality swivels and steel rings to make a custom setup.  The loop handles and cord are made of an amazing material that is soft and perfect for spinning.  All UltraLeash systems come in Color: Jet Black and come with 2' 6" of Cord.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Molly D.
Best products ever!!

It’s amazing and love how soft and lightweight they are. Makes spinning with my digipoi a breeze!

Vamsi Anirudh
Helix poi

I bought helix poi.. lights and all r good but it's too light weight

Hunter Smith
Great product!

the leashes assembly was a little difficult to figure out. But other than that, i love them!

Ashley Moore
The lights are great!...

The lights are great! The cases are great! One of the loops on the handles broke, I was able to fix it by sewing it back together, since they were melted together already they wouldn’t melt together again. If they didn’t break I’d give 5 ⭐. Beautiful lights!

Also, I paid extra on next day shipping on my order placed on Tuesday, received it Saturday. I’d recommend saving your money on special shipping, and just let the order come on whatever timeline it will.

Justin M.
The brightest ever

The poi itself is solid and awesome to look at, and the LED's are so super bright and amazing. It's my number 1 to take out