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Digi LED Glow Stick (Individual)

    • Includes: 1x Dot XL Pro, 1x Digi Glow Stick Case, 1x Lanyard, and 1x S Hook Clip. Add 1, 2, 3 or any quantity needed!

    • ELIMINATES SINGLE-USE CHEMICAL STICKS: This glow stick eliminates waste with a reusable and rechargeable LED design that is chemical-free and fun for the whole family.

      RECHARGEABLE & BUILT TO LAST: Super Durable Micro USB Charging glow stick can be used many times, no need for replacing batteries or purchasing the same product several times.

      CHOOSE YOUR COLOR TECHNOLOGY: RGB Color changing LEDs allow you to pick your favorite Color Mode and Flash Pattern for endless entertainment. 12 beautiful and adjustable Color Modes & 36 amazing Flash Patterns. You have tons of possibilities to make your light shows unique.

      ATTACH & BRING THE GLOW WITH YOU: Included S-Hook and Lanyard allows you to clip your glow stick onto a backpack for a safety light or bring along to the party as a wearable light.

      SIMPLE PUSH BUTTON CONTROLS: Simply click the button to easily navigate through the beautiful colors/patterns and hold the button down to instantly turn the light off.

      LIFETIME MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: You are covered by our lifetime warranty. If you're not 100% happy with your order, contact us directly so we can help!

    • Digi Glow Stick Specs: 137mm x 27 mm Glow Stick at 17g | Built-in LiPo Battery w/ 6-14 hour Capacity

      What’s in the package: 
      1x Dot XL Pro (Rechargeable LED Chip), 1x Digi Glow Stick Case, 1x Lanyard, and 1x S Hook Clip
Description: Say goodbye to disposable glow sticks with this high-quality rechargeable LED glow stick that can be used over and over (and over) again. With no chemicals to worry about or batteries to replace, this long-life glow stick blends the convenience of rechargeability in an adventure-proof body that is designed to last. This rechargeable glow stick is compact and offers RGB LEDs allowing you to choose between 7 solid colors and 5 multicolor modes with a simple push of a button. This glow stick also offers a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation and battery drain. Equipped with a Lanyard / S-Hook for easy attachment and detachment, this versatile glow stick is perfect to keep in your car or home emergency kit, or to have on hand for hours of nighttime visibility, safety, or fun.



Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Came quick and got just what I ordered. The digi pois we’re light weight just how I wanted them to be. The handle I ordered came just as pictured can want to add it to my Levi wand.


Came quick and got just what I ordered. The digi pois we’re light weight just how I wanted them to be. The handle I ordered came just as pictured can want to add it to my Levi wand.

Chelsea M.
Awesome set

Love these poi perfect for glowstringing very lightweight and perfect for any camping use too

Ulf-Simon P.
Super Happy

For about a year, I used glow sticks to attache them to my dancing stick. Unfortunately this produced a lot of waste, as they are not reusable items. Also the glow sticks were not emitting a lot of light, why they were just visible in full night.
When I found out, that somebody (UltraPoi) made LED-lights on the basis of my glow Sticks, I was very exited and gave it a try. Ordering from US is sometimes quite a struggle, as shipment is expensive, takes time and has to go through custom.
Nevertheless it was totally worth it! They are shining very bright, I love the amount of different colors and also the different modes you can use (steady light, blinking, strobe-mode, bi- and multi- color modes, fading lights).
As I'm not using them as Pois, I was afraid if they would get damaged, when my stick falls and hits the ground, but up to now I have them in usage for about 2 month and they are still good (and I drop my stick a lot). They only have minor marks on the outside, but the electronics work perfectly fine.
Only thing to argue about was the packaging for shipment. They came in a bag with cushion foil, which is preventing marks or fall damage, but not if something heavy is lying on them during shipment. So they were slightly bend when they arrived and they never became straight again.
Still 5/5!!!

Craig Q.
Origninal set of 2 and replacement of 1

I love these glow sticks, my only issue was that out of the set of 2 i bought 1 didn't hold charge for more then 2 days unused, but guess what! Notified customer service and they basically said it was a chip error and they sent a 100% discount for a new 1 that's this one. I haven't received it yet but if its any thing like the one that didn't have a chip error it will work amazingly for weeks on end for 10 min shows each time. or longer just with charge in between.
Overall amazing product no longer buying bags of hit and miss glow sticks that i have no promise if they will be bright enough to do a show or performance, these will hold up to max brightness the entire time while it holds a charge!
defiantly if your a raver or a poi spinner or even just like using glow sticks (not in water) this is for you
never buy another bag of bad 1 use chemical glow sticks when you can get rechargeable any colour and even strobe effects with this!