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AAA BATTERY 3.7V (5/8" Hoop)

Hoop Battery for 5/8" Size (AAA 10440) 3.7v Li-Ion Rechargeable

One removable 10440 lithium-ion battery can last 1-3 hours in your glow hoop, depending on the color/style/mode/hoop model. Recharge time is 2-4 hours.

Swap out to a new battery to stay glowing! The removable battery design lets you run full-color visuals all night long if you have extra batteries on hand.

The slim and lightweight 10440 battery has a more limited power capacity than larger batteries. Add extra batteries to be sure you'll keep glowing strong for practice, play, and performances.

Never use damaged or peeling batteries in your LED hoop or battery charger. Keep batteries charged in between hooping sessions to maximize the life of your hoop battery! Purchase new batteries when they start to show signs of wear and tear, or if they aren't retaining their charge capacity like when they were new.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elizabeth S.
Arrived just in time!

Fastly shipped! I was super impressed with how quickly they arrived.

Dana S.

Perfect! The company worked with me and helped me find the issue with the hoop and the batteries are working great. Over all good experience.

Presley H.
5/8 LED Hula Hoop Rechargeable Battery

I haven’t had an issues with it- seems to stay charged for at least 3 hours

Jarrett H.
hoop and battery

overall great. had some shipment issues but resolved with astounding help from staff.

Fredi Snyder

Battery is just fine, easy and quick to charge. However my ultra shuffle hoop isn’t staying connected. I’ve tried emailing two different emails for ultra poi to not be answered. Bought extra batteries to see if that was the problem but it seems it’s not. Batteries are great, last me a good sesh, only if my hoops last that long.