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Vortex Sock Poi Handle (Individual Poi for 3 poi or Replacement)

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TheBrightest LED Poi in the World!!!
  • Vortex Sock Poi Handle (Individual Poi for 3 poi or Replacement)
  • Includes: 1 UltraPoi LED Poi w/ Vortex cases, UltraPoi Mode Sheet, 1 Custom Fabric Non-Stretch UltraSocks & 1 UltraHandles 
  • List Price$57.50 (Individual)


UltraPoi: State of the Art LED Poi paired with extreme brightness and endless pattern combinations.  
UltraPoi Details:  Ultra Poi is proud to present the next step in poi revolution Vortex Poi.  Many years of research and advancements have evolved into a high tech instrument for spinning poi like no other.  Vortex Poi show off many color modes and display options ranging from mind blowing strobe patterns to dazzling meteor trails and mellow morphs.  Tons of beautiful preset color modes are available to explore and they can all be adjusted with awesome display patterns, adding style to your spin.  They also feature an exclusive Custom Sequence function to easily build your own custom color combination without the use of a computer! Each poi runs on 2x AAA Batteries that can be replaced with rechargeable or disposable. High/Low power LEDs for all-night runtime to keep your poi going during festivals and travel.  Vortex Cases are made of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly silicone – and are really soft on impact with skin as well as provide great protection for your lights.  Vortex Poi is the result of a passionate flow community that inspires us to continue to push the boundaries of lights that move us all.

Poi head weight: 180g ( 2 batteries and UltraPoi w/ Vortex case, weight is distributed towards the end of the poi head)

Size: 115mm long and 70mm in diameter (4.5 x 2.7 inches)

Material: Silicone rubber case and poly-carbonate light unit

Battery: Two AAA batteries per unit

LEDs: 1x super-bright 3 watt RGB LED (projected with magnified lens for intensity), 2x bright 5mm RGB LEDs – brightest LED poi in the world!Bottom of Form

Batteries: Each UltraPoi requires only 2 AAA batteries (not included) and will run using the High Power (1 x 3 Watt RGB) LED for about 1.5-3 hours if using (NiMHs) high quality rechargeable or a standard Energizer/Duracell.  Using the Low Power (2 x 5mm RGB) LEDs will last up to 24 hours of use depending on mode selection.  Less run time will result from using low quality knock-off AAA batteries.
UltraSock Details: UltraSocks are designed to be the spinning projection screens of the UltraPoi’s LEDs.  They are Custom made to fit the UltraPoi from a Non-Stretch white fabric that has reflective properties which helps display the Modes and Colors.  The UltraSock features a looped end so that you may attach your favorite knob, handle or even Ultralight. Inside the UltraSock handle there is a Velcro strap that keeps your UltraPoi’s LEDs orientated correctly while you spin. UltraSocks are approximately 22 in in length.

UltraHandles Details: The UltraHandles are amazing to use for spinning your UltraPoi, Ultralights, or both at the same time!  They come with seamless single loop handles paired with high quality swivels and steel rings to make a custom setup.  The loop handles and cord are made of amazing material that is soft and perfect for spinning.   Color: Jet Black


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Vasilis P.
Now I have the ultimate setup!

These poi are show stoppers! When I break them out everyone turns their head and clears room for me to flow. Beautiful lights show and the set is very nice!