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Poi Behind the Back Waistwraps

November 13, 2023 1 min read

This poi spinning tutorial covers behind the back waistwraps (sometimes written btb waistwraps), a beginner poi trick that puts them behind the back weave to good use! While there are some generalized habits for behind the back that over covered in another behind the back poi tutorial on my channel, this waistwraps tutorial covers only how to do poi waistwraps as the techniques can be broken out into something more specific than the generalized behind the back techniques.

Start off by holding the two ends of your poi separately--the head in one hand and the handle in the other with the tether behind your back. Pull with the right hand, tucking the left hand behind your back and then move the right hand poi in a circle around your left hand.

Now tug the poi with your left hand, dragging your right hand behind your back to the left side. Move your left hand in a circle around your right hand.

Go back and forth like this, tugging with the right, then doing a circle around the left. Tugging with the left, then doing a circle around the right.

Try this with your poi in your hands and you'll find that the circle the hand moves in shrinks considerably, but is still more or less present. It might come to feel more like a half circle each time pointing off to the right.

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