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Contact Poi Folding Lines

November 13, 2023 2 min read

This contact poi tutorial covers how to do poi folding lines, a trick we've borrowed from contact juggling. This is one of the more challenging contact poi tricks to learn, but if you've got the tutorials I've done the past two weeks on how to do contact poi like inner and outer arm rolls it'll help a lot. Also: body tracers are helpful to know when it comes to how to do folding lines. Here's hoping this helps some of you on your contact poi journey!

For contact poi tricks, you're probably going to want to use poi that have ball shaped heads made from stage balls or something similar.

Start by spinning the poi reverse and tucking the head in a petal behind your shoulder and stalling it in front of yoru body before again tucking the head in a petal behind your shoulder and stalling the poi out to your side. This teaches you the overall the pattern the folding line will operate in.

Now hold the poi head in your hand as you spin the tether reverse and release the head as the tether is pointed straight up. As the poi head rolls down your forearm, let the tether and handle swing behind your elbow before swinging your elbow out in front of you.

The tether should swing in front of you down the back side of your forearm and come to rest in the cradle position on the back side of your hand.

From here you can either exit by flicking your fingers up and letting the poi roll off your forearm like in the outer arm roll demonstrated here:https://youtu.be/2EF6FjLvdsk

Otherwise you can fold back by dropping the handle and tether behind your shoulder once again and swinging your forearm out to the side. The poi should roll along your inner forearm back into the palm of your hand. You can go straight back and forth like this!

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