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Want to know how we make these awesome men's art kaleidoscope t-shirts? Well, it's a secret but we will give you a hint! First, we take hundreds of amazing high-resolution DSLR Slow Exposures shots of our favorite UltraPoi Lights from around the world. Then we add magic to create a beautiful kaleidoscope art piece like you have never seen before! This men's art kaleidoscope t-shirt will make you feel like you have super flow powers! • 100% Premium Polyester • Hand Made in California • Artwork on Front and Back • High Definition Graphic Our all over Sublimation designs are printed on comfortable and lightweight 100% Polyester, made of a fine count yarn for a super silky ultra-soft feel. This comfortable T-Shirt has a flawless graphic and is made in America. Because it is 1 of a kind, hand-made, and printed exclusively for you, this item requires 10 Business Days before it is shipped. Standard - Single Sided Image printed on pre-made garment - Image is printed on front only, back is white. **Irregularities under the arms and sleeves may be visible. Premium - Double Sided Image printed on front and back of pre-made garment - Back is identical to front. **Irregularities under the arms and sleeves may be visible. Ultra Premium - Double Sided - Cut & Sew Image printed on ultra premium quality fabric, then cut and sewn. Image on front and back. Back is identical to front. **No irregularities under the arms and sleeves. Images may not line up perfectly where fabric is sewn together..

This product is hand made and made on-demand. Expect delivery to US in 11-20 business days (international 14-30 business days).


X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large XXX-Large XXXX-Large XXXXX-Large
Chest 18 19.5 21 22.5 24 25.5 27 28.1 29.1
Length 27.5 28.5 29.5 30.5 31.5 32.5 33.5 34.7 35.9
Shoulder to Shoulder 16.25 17.75 19.25 20.75 22.25 23.75 25.25 26.75 28.25
Sleeve Opening 6 6.05 7 7.05 8 8.05 9 9 9.8