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Double Helix Poi Set - No Lights

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The MostFeature Rich LED Glowstickin the World!!!

Double Helix Poi Set - No Lights  (Supreme Ultralight Poi Setup)

Includes:  4 Helix Cases, & 1 Pair UltraLeash

List Price: $29.85 (Set)

UltraLeash Details: The UltraLeash is an amazing system to use for spinning your UltraPoi, Ultralights, or both at the same time! This leash comes with seamless single loop handles paired with high quality swivels and steel rings to make a custom setup. The loop handles and cord are made of amazing material that is soft and perfect for spinning. All UltraLeash systems come in Color: Jet Black and come with 2' 6" of Cord.

Helix Case: A soft light diffusing silicone skin that surrounds the Ultralight, protecting the light from impacts. While the Helix Case guards you’re Ultralight, you yourself will also feel less pain from impacts during wraps, throws and crashes. The case features a unique double spiral helix appearance, soft materials, and exterior buttons to activate the UltraLight within. Double Helix Light Cases are a must have if you are spinning Ultralights, they will dramatically increase the durability and longevity of your gear.