1. Whenever you are ready, you can begin shopping here at to purchase your Sponsor gear using your one-time Gift Card Code that is now active and only works with your email address.

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2. If you are interested, feel free to also use your one-time Gift Card Code to purchase an Exclusive Sponsor T-Shirt made from UltraPoi Digital Photography Sublimation: Offered in both Dark and Light varieties, and as an added bonus, wear it in you Sponsor Profile Video so we can introduce you in style!

3. Please be responsible with your Gift Card Code and only make a modest gear purchase of less than $250 of whatever you would like for yourself. Please contact us if you have a special request.  (Do not purchase several sets of Poi, if you're interested in group pricing or wholesale please let us know)

Affiliate Registration:

1. First you will register with our Affiliate Website and create a profile that will be used to track all of your commissions and receive payments. Follow this Affiliate Website Link to the Affiliate Website, then click Register. 

2. Once you have submitted your profile to the Affiliate Website, we will follow up by sending you an Approval Email. This email will confirm the Customized UltraPoi Coupon Code that you choose during the Sponsorship Application was setup and that your Affiliate Link has been activated.

3. After receiving our Approval Email, please log back into the Affiliate Website and check the Info Tab to confirm that you can see your Customized UltraPoi Coupon Code and Affiliate Link. Your Coupon Code will get your friends a discount on our products and your Affiliate Link will direct them to our website. Both will earn you commissions if used during a sale. Check the Home Tab to setup where you will receive payments via once you have earned over $50 and also to track your earnings.

UltraPoi Sponsor Videos:

1. Plan ways to create original UltraPoi videos that are exciting from the start and entertaining to watch.

2. Video Tips: Find Beautiful Locations: outdoors, near water, sunset, art, murals, statues, or fountains. Look like a Performer: where fun clothes, festival gear, other lights or your sponsor shirt. Create Great Content: what are you trying to express, is it a freestyle, planned routine, tutorial, live show or concert?

3. Share on social media to Individual Profiles, Performance Pages and Flow Groups. Be sure to tag videos with (FB) or @UltraPoi (IG) and #UltraPoi for tracking, and it can also be fun to include relevant hashtags like #Poi #Flow #Trails ect. Message us to re-share your videos!

4. Create an HD UltraPoi Sponsor Profile Video edited to music, so we can introduce you as a UltraPoi Sponsored Artist, and if you purchased the UltraPoi Sponsor T-Shirt, wear that in the video.

UltraPoi Sponsor Community:

1. Please Join our Exclusive Facebook UltraPoi Sponsor Group and always share a copy of your videos there so we can all feel inspired:

2. If you have not already, Like our UltraPoi Facebook Page and our UltraPoi Instagram Page:

3. For more information on UltraPoi Modes and Functions, please Join the UltraPoi Chat & Mode Swap Group

UltraPoi Sponsor Video of the Month Contest:

1. UltraPoi will be holding a monthly exclusive sponsor contest for the UltraPoi Sponsor Video of the Month. The prize worth up to $50 will be announced at the beginning of each month.

2. It’s simple to enter, just create amazing UltraPoi videos and add the hashtag #UPSVM. The video can be posted to Profiles, Pages and Groups, on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure the video is also shared to the Facebook UltraPoi Sponsor Group and marked “Public”.

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