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Ultra Poi introduces "Rope Thing"!!!
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have Rope Thing at your event, it will be sure to entertain!!!

Ultra Poi has used its LED technology and engineering resources to complete its first full on Art Installation and we are excited to put it on tour.  We will be providing a completely original visual light art experience like never seen before.  The viewer will approach with amazement as they investigate a twenty-foot wide spinning and oscillating rope suspended fifteen feet in the air while being projected on from below by ultra bright LED patterns that are every color of the rainbow!


New: Ultra Rain Lamp
We hope everyone got to see the Ultra Black Light Rain Lamp at  Art Outside, Burning Flipside and Euphoria Music Festival! ‪#‎UltraPoi‬
Johnny Laser

I hope everyone at Wakarusa, Hangout, Bonnaroo and Euphoria Music Festival got a good look at our portable Light Show Totem. His name is Johnny Laser and the party was raging right below him the whole time. Don't worry if you missed him though. He will be around on the festival scene for years to come!