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HelixPoi Pro w/ LED Knob Handles

Description: Get the full-featured HelixPoi Pro w/ LED Knob Handles Handles from UltraPoi, which includes Rechargeable RGB lights, protective cases, adjustable leashes, handles crafted from silicone, and a specialized bag for storage. Unmatched in terms of quality and affordability, these Poi offer plentiful stunning Color Modes and Flash Patterns that will mesmerize you.

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orb poi lec contact poiOrb Poi LED Contact Poi


Customer Reviews

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Olga Holdsworth
Gorgeous Poi

Perfect weight and lovely feel to swing these poi. I haven't got used to the interface yet to make them light up exactly how I want them to, but that will come with practice, like everything else with Poi!


Love it

Craig Q.
Amature(not pro) review but amazing product

I LOVE THEM!, I've been spinning for at least 12 years on and off, and getting back into it after my old performance poi bit the dust I got this set, Amazing is all I can say, 13 light settings with 3 strobe each on two led sets on the poi itself and the same for the handles.... BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I would recommend these to any beginner to pro that wants that extra kick out of there performance.
The handles don't work well for contact juggling poi but they have products for that, these are straight spinning poi, but amazing for what they do.
I joined Instagram less then a month ago and these have aided me in gaining a decent following just threw my natural performances

Zachary W.
Helix pro doubles

I love my new setup so much! I have gained some new abilities and I can’t wait to learn more. The lights are super bright and clean, battery life is good … don’t get me started on the double head charger …! I’m thrilled

Ricaviannca D.
Love it !