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Knob Shell

    • Includes: 1x Knob Shell

    • KNOB INSERT: The Knob Shell is a durable polycarbonate plastic capsule that is at the heart of UltraGrip Pro. It can be used for modifying weight, securing rope and housing the Dot XL Pro LED chip. The knob shell is secured together with O-rings for easy access and customization.

      LIFETIME MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: You are covered by our lifetime warranty. If you're not 100% happy with your order, contact us directly so we can help!

    • Knob Shell Specs:23mm x 20mm Polycarbonate Shell at 6g

      What’s in the package:
      1x Knob Shell (Plastic Insert)


orb poi lec contact poiOrb Poi LED Contact Poi


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Giovanni F.
Cool design

They are great for what they are. My first knob shells lasted me a good while on my OrbPoi, even though I've countlessly drop them on concrete/hard floors, and let kids play with them. My new ones that UltraPoi were quick to send me, will last just as long or even longer. They are easy to pop off, and easy to pop back in for when I need to charge the chips inside.

Thank you, UltraPoi!

David H.
This Poi WINS

Strong dependable lights, well-balanced housing which helped improve my poi handling into successful contact moves and behind the back tosses. High quality product, great price, amazing customer support.

Wilfredo H.

I’ve been spinning for about 2 months and these have made it very fun and simple to learn my parts and play with the assembly.
I would highly recommend any skill level to look into ultrapoi products.

Bradley P.


Moses S.
Great Product!

I really like how each O-ring is always the same size and helps keep the housing of the handle firmly in place. Even when I stuff a huge knot into the handle, i am still able to use the aO-ring to hold it all together!