UltraHoop 36 Inch - Programmable LED Hula Hoop

Product Video:

Please allow for a 3-5 day custom build time for all UltraHoop orders

The UltraHoop features our patented micro-processor system to control 30 RGB LEDs offering full spectrums of color, superior brightness, and endless pattern combinations. They also feature an exclusive Custom Sequence function to easily build your own unique color combination without the use of a computer! Combine your favorite colors, modes, and options to create a lightshow that is amazingly unique to you.

Our hoops are properly balanced and are made of 7/8 HDPE white tubing with 33", 36" and 38" diameter options. This hoop is ideal for beginning to intermediate hoopers, or anyone looking for a medium weight hoop.  The inside of this hoop comes with a pre-scuffed surface for grip. This hoop comes with one Lithium Ion Battery and one smart charger.

Simply insert the battery, snap the hoop shut and you are ready to go. Our hoops uses a polycarbonate connector for maximum performance and durability. This design is the the result of development from making over 5000 hoops over many years.

All mode changing and programming is done though one button for simplicity. This hoop has the same controls as Ultralights for those who are already familiar with the controls. All electronics are padded for durability and the hoop has the weight distributed for balance.

One battery will run the hoop for about 4-8 hours depending on the LED colors and is replaceable in seconds to keep you going all night. Each hoop only needs one battery. 

Every Ultra Hoop comes with a 1 yearwarrantee covering the electronics from reasonable wear and tear.  Any Ultra Hoop damage, kinks, or out of warrantee fixes will be accepted for a fee.

Please note that the Staff Hardware is custom produced per your specifications by our partners in California.  Your UltraHoop will ship 3-5 days after order is placed due to build time.