UltraLight Staff - 1 Light per End (2 UltraLights total)

UltraLight Staff Options

BlazeLink Ultralight LED Glow Staff - 1 Light | (Standard Staff Setup)

Includes1 UltraLight Staff that features a your choice of Center Length and overall Total Staff Length, comes with 2 UltraLight LED Glowsticks & UltraLight Mode Sheet
BlazeLinkTM Ultralight LED Glow Staff takes the glow staff to a whole new level. Designed to work with the Ultralight (included), FlowLight and similar LED glowsticks giving you a wide variety of colors and pattern options in 1 unit. Built on our BlazeLink system all pieces are completely interchangeable with other BlazeLink products. The BlazeLink Staff Adapter is available in 5 sizes and the ends are available in 1 light, 2 light and 3 light lengths.

The Ultralight is a professional LED glowstick with thousands of color and mode options. The Ultralight has two buttons, allowing for a tremendous range of customizability. One button controls modes and colors on the bottom two LEDs, and the other controls modes and colors on the top two LEDs. Enjoy full color ranges, terrific brightness, and endless pattern combinations with just one LED glowstick!

The BlazeLinkTM UltraLight LED Glow Ends are completely compatible with all other BlazeLink products, however they will create different over-all lengths. The 1 Light end piece is the same length as all other BlazeLink end pieces, while the 2 Light and 3 Light options are longer. For example, a 30” inch center plus 1 Light ends creates a 54” staff, if you switch to 2 Light ends it becomes a 60” staff. Please see the chart below to determine the best option for the length of staff you wish to purchase.
1 Light 2 Light 3 Light
Center Length
Total staff length
12 Inch 36" (91 cm) 42" (107 cm) 48" (122 cm)
18 Inch 42" (107 cm) 48" (122 cm) 54" (137 cm)
24 Inch 48" (122 cm) 54" (137 cm) 60" (152 cm)
30 Inch 54" (137 cm) 60" (152 cm) 66" (167 cm)
36 Inch 60" (152 cm) 66" (167 cm) 72" (182 cm)

DO NOT leave the LED Glow Staff Endpieces in the sun or in high-heat areas, as warping may occur.

Please note that the Staff Hardware is custom produced per your specifications by our partners in Arizona.  We will first ship the UltraLight Glowsticks immediately after your order is placed, and will ship the staff 3-5 days later.