UltraLight Staff

    • Includes2-6 x UltraLight LED Glowsticks, 2 x Clear Polycarbonate tubing ends, 1 x Padded grip center section (Fully assembled, no setup required)

    • •Staff breaks down into 3 pieces with impact absorbing rubber ends.

      •Center made from 7/8 aluminum tubing and has black foam padded grip & reflective tape highlights.

      •Eye-Catching Brightness, Slow rainbow fades, Single colors and Strobe patterns.

      •Uses Replaceable or Rechargeable AAA Batteries for 12 Hours of fun Spinning!

      •UltraPoi’s Quality and Durability are Guaranteed with a Lifetime Warranty.

    • Pick Your Own Colors: What really separates the UltraLight glowstick from the pack is the ability to fully customize your light trail patterns with just a button. Choose from 15 stunning colors.

      12 Mesmerizing Flashing Patterns: Combine as many colors as you want at a time and match them with one of our 12 gorgeous flashing pattern options.

      6 Beautiful Color Modes: Tons of stunning preset color modes available to explore and they can all be adjusted to add style to your spin.

      Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty: UltraPoi will exchange any defective UltraLight free of charge for as long as you own it. Lifetime Warranty does not cover general wear-and-tear or any misuse by the user including loss, theft, intentional breakage or gross misuse of the product. 1 Year Warranty on Staff Hardware

      UltraStaff Specs: Center made from 7/8 aluminum tubing | Polycarbonate tubing ends | Customize end weights: no weight,3 oz, & 6 oz | UltraLights GlowStick uses 1x AAA

      Please note:The Staff Hardware is custom produced per your specifications by our partners in California.  We will first ship the UltraLight Glowsticks immediately after your order is placed, and will ship the staff 3-5 days later after it is custom made.

      What’s in the package: 2-6 x UltraLight LED Glowsticks, 2 x Clear Polycarbonate tubing ends, 1 x Padded grip center section (Fully assembled, no setup required)
    • •A Staff is a long rod which is spun similar to baton twirling, but with a longer staff which is twirled or "spun" around the body utilizing arm and wrist movements. These staves are typically lightweight in nature in order to build up momentum and speed for faster moves and tosses.

      •A Contact Staff is a long weighted rod which is used as a type of object manipulation, similar to contact juggling. A heavy staff is used to slow down the rotation and momentum of the staff, making balancing easier for on-body contact moves. Instead of spinning the staff with just your hands, parts of your body such as your neck, shoulders, forearms, elbows, chest, back and legs are used to control and manipulate the staff.

      •All of our Staves are made using the highest quality materials and are designed to withstand abuse from ongoing drops and tosses, providing you with years of enjoyment. Each staff is engineered for optimal spinning dynamics and balance. Pro Tip: Do not leave the LED Glow Staff Endpieces in the sun or in high-heat areas, as warping may occur.

1 Light 2 Light 3 Light
Aprox. Center Length
Aprox. Total Staff Length
12 Inch 36" (91 cm) 42" (107 cm) 48" (122 cm)
18 Inch 42" (107 cm) 48" (122 cm) 54" (137 cm)
24 Inch 48" (122 cm) 54" (137 cm) 60" (152 cm)
30 Inch 54" (137 cm) 60" (152 cm) 66" (167 cm)
36 Inch 60" (152 cm) 66" (167 cm) 72" (182 cm)



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